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Time to write a bio after 2 years on NewsVine. Bio dated 12/13/2010.

Ok, I'm a bit of a geezer...over 50, losing a lot of things like hair, teeth, memory, keys and other things that I don't remember right now.

In my day job I work as the Corporate Controller for a scrambled mix of companies. One group mines rock and sand, another group peddles ready-mix cement, another group collects old concrete and crushes it to be recycled as road base, still another group sells steel and steel products, and another does steel fabrication work. When you add each of the companies up, with the multiple states and locations...there's the equivalent of thirty two separate income statements and balance sheets produced each month.

The companies are all privately owned by a single family and are not publically traded. (I am merely an employee...the official scorekeeper.)

Since 2005 our revenue has gone from $65 million to about $20 million, and the number of employees has gone from over 500 to a little over 100. My staff has gone from thirteen to seven and they are working 35 hour weeks since 2007. Last year I arranged to check into offsetting their lost wages with partial unemployment and that has helped mitigate the loss of wages to some degree.

Most nights or weekends I'm involved in Scouting in some degree or another. Usually I'm a behind the scenes guy helping to organize activities and events for the kids, or training or something with the adults. Mostly I"m an agitator and pain in the pattotie to get adults involved with their kids. And my wife has always been at my side in doing so.

I'm not very politically correct and that has gotten me fired from at least one prominent volunteer position. It also exasperates my wife. Somehow I've gotten various awards including the BSA Silver Beaver in spite of myself.

I'm essentially conservative, but hold some rather surprising liberal views.

I spent twelve years in the Florida Panhandle, but now have lived within 25 miles of where I grew up in the Victor Valley area of California since 1990. My hometown over the last thirty years or so has roughly doubled to over 5,000 people spread out over 200 square miles. (I had a LONELY childhood!)

I grew up on a small farm/ranch in the desert. We raised various animals...cattle, horses, chickens, rabbits..etc which we ate (except for the horses, we tried to bury those.) Dad was military and ordered overseas almost annually it seemed like.
My memories of my youth are of feeding animals and watering trees.

I volunteered for the Marines in 1978, but was a woose and got an Honorable Discharge after a training injury the same year.

I left home at 18 when I was transferred from Disneyland to DisneyWorld as an Advanced Baker. I met my wife at DisnyWorld, it was a Mickey Mouse romance.

I was a volunteer EMT in Gulf County Florida before the days of Paramedics came. I don't know what the equivalent today would be, but I thought of myself as a ditch doctor. Saw and did a lot of awful, nasty things as a ditch doctor (and one day will spill some of the stories.)

I've been married now over 32 years, 33 come Feb 14, 2011 and to the same lady. We hold the family record for my side of the clan between the mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, step-brothers, step-sisters, multiple ex brothers-in-laws and sisters.

We live in a home that we bought to live in, so we didn't get involved in refinancing and spending our equity during the pre-collapse period. We are still making our payments relatively timely...but we realize that could change in an instant these days.

Our oldest son has been working as a contractor in Afghanistan since around 2003 and has married a wonderful girl. Our youngest son found full time work so I can officially throw him out of the house.

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